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M J Porter is an author of historical novels set in Seventh, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh-Century Saxon England, and now also a little further afield, in Viking Age Denmark, and Tenth-Century East and West Frankia.

MJ has also written three twentieth-century mystery books.

MJ is a member of the HWA (Historical Writers Association) and the CWA (Crime Writers Association).

The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles, published by Boldwood Books now available. 

The Brunanburh Series, published by Boldwood Books now available

The Last Seven available now.

The Gods and Kings Trilogy  now available in audio.

MJ's first work of non-fiction The Royal Women Who Made England is now available for preorder.

M J Porter also writes fantasy based on Viking Age Iceland and fantasy as J E Porter.

To purchase signed editions, please visit MJ's blog.

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