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The First Viking Age (The kingdom of Mercia: The Ninth Century Book 8)

Can one man win Mercia’s freedom from the Viking raiders?

Jarl Guthrum has been captured after the terrible events in Grantabridge. King Coelwulf knows exactly what he’d like to do to him, but those with calmer heads have other ideas.

Baptised and having taken the name of Æthelstan, Guthrum is Mercia’s prisoner, and in the wake of that, Mercia must rebuild.

But Jarl Guthrum is far from the only Viking raider who wishes to subdue Mercia. Coelwulf and his allies, grief-stricken, must still fight for her survival while those around demand their help in defeating the enemy.

Once more, the warriors of Mercia are obliged to do all they can to ensure the kingdom’s survival.


The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles Book 6

A King's command. A warriors quest for the truth...

Tamworth AD835

Following Icel’s epic rescue of Lord Coenwulf's children from their almost certain death, King Wiglaf is forced to call upon Icel’s loyal services once more.

Furious that the conspirators behind the audacious move to snatch the children have yet to face justice, he despatches Icel to hunt down the enemy of Mercia and discover who seeks to conspire against the throne.

The dangerous mission will take Icel into the heartland of enemy-held Wessex to Winchester and onto Canterbury. As the web of lies and deceit grows, Icel must battle to discover the truth whilst keeping himself and his allies safe.

But those who conspire against the King have much to lose and will stop at nothing to prevent Icel discovering the truth.
Once more, Icel’s life is endangered as he tries to protect Mercia from her enemies who threaten Mercia’s kingly line.

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