Books by M J Porter
(chronological order not publication order)
Gods and Kings (seventh century Britain)
 Pagan Warrior (ebook,p/b)
Pagan King (ebook,p/b)
Warrior King  (ebook,p/b)

The Ninth Century
The Last King (audio, h/b, p/b, ebook)
The Last Warrior (h/d, p/b, ebook) audio coming soon
The Last Horse (h/d, p/b, ebook)
The Last Enemy (h/b, p/b, ebook)
The Last Sword (h/b, p/b, ebook)
The Tenth Century
The Lady of Mercia's Daughter (p/b, ebook)
A Conspiracy of Kings (p/b, ebook)
Kingmaker (p/b, ebook)
The King's Daughters (p/b, ebook)
Chronicles of the English (mid-tenth century Britain)
Brunanburh (p/b, ebook)
Of Kings and Half-Kings (p/b, ebook)
The Second English King (p/b, ebook)
The Mexican Brexit (short story) (p/b, ebook)
The First Queen of England  (audio, p/b, ebook)
The First Queen of England Part 2 (audio, p/b, ebook)
The First Queen of England Part 3 (p/b, ebook)
The King's Mother (p/b, ebook)
The Queen Dowager (p/b, ebook)
Once A Queen (p/b, ebook)
Earls of Mercia Series (late tenth century - eleventh-century England)
The Earl of Mercia's Father (p/b)
The Danish King's Enemy (p/b, ebook)
Swein: The Danish King (p/b, ebook)
Northman Part 1 (p/b, ebook)
Wulfstan: An Anglo-Saxon Thegn (p/b, ebook)
Northman Part 2 (p/b, ebook)
Cnut: The Conqueror (p/b, ebook)
The King's Earl (p/b, ebook)
Earl of Mercia (p/b, ebook)
The English Earl  (p/b, ebook)
The Earl's King (p/b, ebook)
Viking King (p/b, ebook)
The English King (p/b, ebook)

Lady Estrid (p/b, ebook)
Dragon of Unison Series (fantasy)
Hidden Dragon (p/b, ebook)
Dragon Alone (p/b, ebook)
Dragon Gone (p/b, ebook)
Dragon Ally (p/b, ebook)
Dragon Lost (p/b, ebook)
Dragon Bond (p/b, ebook)

Throne of Ash (coming soon)
As JE Porter
The Innkeeper (p/b, ebook)

The Custard Corpses - a delicious 1940s mystery (h/b, p/b, ebook, audio available now)
The Automobile Assassination (coming soon)


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