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A fantasy inspired by Viking Age Iceland.

The covers for the Dragon of Unison series, an alternative Icelandic Viking Age historical fantasy series


Unison holds many enigmas locked within its ice-bound surface, and this Long Day, Erann, Sereh and Greeneyes will begin to discover them. As the long-overdue sun finally crests the horizon after half a rotation Sereh, Erann and Greeneyes find themselves rediscovering the lost secrets of their cold and frozen land. Unison is a land of mystery and intrigue, inspired by Viking Age Iceland.


Excellent start to the series. Makes you care for the characters. I have gone on to read the rest of the series. Amazon Reviewer

I'd never read anything by this author before but thought it looked interesting and bought it. Its obviously the first book in a series and some time has to be spent in creating the characters and the place but despite that, there was enough action to keep the story interesting and enough mystery to keep me intrigued. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series to find out how this story will end. Amazon Reviewer

Wow amazing story I loved reading this wonderful book. This interesting, engrossing & inviting story that I couldn,t put down the story telling is excellent and I can,t wait to read more of this fabulous story as it unfolds the party of characters and they're part in the story where very enjoyable for the imagination it was a pleasure to emerge myself in this wonderful story. So said I would be very delighted to recommend this amazing book to my friends and my heart felt thanks to the amazing author M.J.Porter for the wonderful privilege of reading this wonderful book so to all happy reading and keep smiling from wee me. xxxxxxx. Amazon Reviewer


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