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The Second Viking Age (The Earls of Mercia Side Stories)

The four book covers for The Earls of Mercia side stories, Wulfstan, Swein, Cnut and Lady Estrid

WULFSTAN - a side story to the epic Earls of Mercia series.

Wulfstan, the Ealdorman of the Hwicce's most trusted advisor, mentor and friend, has a few secrets of his own to tell in this side story to the epic Earls of Mercia Series that returns to the beginning of the reign of King Aethelred II, the child-king who must spend his early years over-coming the feuds that threaten to rip the Kingdom of England apart.

Spanning the years from 978 to 1013, Wulfstan is a companion story to the Earls of Mercia series.

England is united but its future rests on the shoulders of a child, the legitimate son of King Edgar, and he is beset on all sides by powerful men and women who want to rule in his name, and not for the good of England. Greedy men who crave power and land more than stability and the safety of England.

Wulfstan, newly come to the service of Ælfwine of the Hwicce, finds himself caught up amongst the in-fighting at the young King's Witan, his counsel ignored by Ælfwine and his skills put to uses he never intended them for. With his own personal tragedy stalking him, he must gain the trust of Ælfwine and forgive himself for his actions. And in the background, great men fight amongst themselves, imperilling the future of the adolescent Kingdom of England.

Wulfstan is a side story to the epic Earls of Mercia series, charting the final century of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom from 994-1071 through the eyes of the magnificent House of Leofwine, the only family to remain as earls for such a long period of time, outlasting even the mighty House of Godwine. Find out how it all began in Wulfstan, perhaps best read following Northman Part 2 to prevent spoilers.



"This is a fantastic series of books, by an author who certainly knows his subject. I was into the Roman invasions but am rapidly converting to the Britons!" Amazon Reviewer

"A must-read for fans of Viking age England. This promises to be a very good series of which I can't wait for the next instalment." Amazon Reviewer

"Intriguing, well-written stories about the early days of Great Britain between Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror... at the time Athelred was King... the story is written from the perspective of one the emerging Earl's who sits on the Witan (counsel). The time period show the interplay between Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries (Viking raiders) as well." Reviewer


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