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The Last Horse: England: The First Viking Age (The kingdom of Mercia: The Ninth Century Book 3). From bestselling author, MJ Porter comes a thrilling new hero.

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The Raiders have been routed from Torksey, dead, or escaped.​

Mercia lies broken but not beaten, her alliance with Wessex in tatters, her new king a warrior not a ruler. And as he endures his coronation, as demanded by the bishops and ealdormen, there are stirrings from the east. Coelwulf must again take to the trackways of Mercia. His destination, any place where the Raiders are trying to infiltrate the kingdom he’s fought so hard to keep whole, losing beloved friends in the process. The year is AD874 and Mercia lies threatened. But Coelwulf, and his loyal warriors, have vowed to protect Mercia with their lives. They’re not about to stop now.


“An excellent, well-written book.”

“Gripping story-line.”

“Action-packed, hard to put down.”

"Book 3 continues with the action, blood and gore and flows seamlessly from Book 2. Amazing battle scenes leave you feeling you’ve witnessed it first-hand, such is the detail. Fast-paced, battle-action, mayhem, you can hear the seaxes and war hammers smash against the shields, the thunder of the horses' hooves, and the screams and cries of men. You can almost smell the blood. Coelwulf, now crowned King of Mercia, rides once more with his loyal warriors and troops of Ealdorman Ælhun, to seek out the Raiders with the ever-faithful Pybba and Rudolf (whose character grows in each book), Edmund and Hereman. Coelwulf and his loyal warriors find the Raiders along the frontier of Mercia. The resourceful Rudolf leads Coelwulf into the next of Raiders. Coelwulf’s character grows in strength as he wrestles with kingship, weighing his actions against the needs of Mercia and his loyalty to his chosen warriors. You feel for the individual characters and grow to know them and the actions and mannerisms they have is an added bonus to any book and makes the reading so much more enjoyable. 5 stars from me. Looking forward to more action." Stacy T, Netgalley Reviewer.



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