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The Last Viking: England: The First Viking Age (The Kingdom of Mercia: The Ninth Century Book 8)

From author MJ Porter comes a thrilling new hero.

Can one man win Mercia’s freedom from the Viking raiders?

Jarl Guthrum has been captured after the terrible events in Grantabridge. King Coelwulf knows exactly what he’d like to do to him, but those with calmer heads have other ideas.

Baptised and having taken the name of Æthelstan, Guthrum is Mercia’s prisoner, and in the wake of that, Mercia must rebuild.

But Jarl Guthrum is far from the only Viking raider who wishes to subdue Mercia. Coelwulf and his allies, grief-stricken, must still fight for her survival while those around demand their help in defeating the enemy.

Once more, the warriors of Mercia are obliged to do all they can to ensure the kingdom’s survival.


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