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The next bloody and thrilling instalment in MJ Porter's The Brunanburh Series.

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Can the Norse and the Scots exact their revenge over the mighty King Athelstan of the English?


After the slaughter field of Brunanburh, a defeated Olaf Gothfrithson of the Dublin Norse and Constantin of the Scots narrowly escaped with their lives. In their kingdoms, failure has left them demoralised and weak.

Olaf licks his wounds in Dublin, whilst Constantin and the Welsh kingdoms who defied King Athelstan, are once more forced to bend the knee. As Athelstan’s reputation grows stronger day by day, their need to exact revenge on the overmighty and triumphant Athelstan has never been greater. 

Olaf sets his sights on reclaiming the lost kingdom of Jorvik only for tragedy to strike at the heart of England and a reluctant new King, Edmund steps in the fray.

While England mourns the death of their warrior King, her enemies gather on her borders and England stands alone against the might of the Norse, Welsh and Scots. 

Can the new King be victorious and banish her enemies once and for all or will England, and its king lose all that’s been gained and succumb to a new pretender?  

An epic tale of kinsmanship, greed and power, perfect for the fans of Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom series.


'An epic tale of the birth of a nation. Truly mesmerising. Game of Thrones meets The Last Kingdom' - Gordon Doherty

'MJ effortlessly draws you into early Medieval England with this fascinating tale.' - Donovan Cook

'A very good read and MJ Porter is at her best bringing flesh to the facts and giving the main players personalities. Great way to read about the history of this time. Enjoy.' - Goodreads

'Another of this author’s brilliant books. A good read and excellent characterisation of the men onto the next book.' - Reader Review

'Completely compelling read set out to combine all the main characters stories in an free flowing style. Interesting how the character of each character is developed through the novel.' - Reader Review

'Another brilliant tale of old England. M.J.Porter tells an intreguing tale of kings and warriors, when age old rivalries are temporarily settled. I presume that the tale of old England will continue.I hope so' - Reader Review


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