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​A part of the Tales of Mercia series of related titles charting the Saxon kingdom of Mercia's rise and fall by bestselling author MJ Porter

The sequel to The Lady of Mercia's Daughter

Mercia, AD918.

Lady Ælfwynn has taken her mother’s place as the Lady of Mercia, to the displeasure of her uncle in Wessex, and against his efforts to subvert it.

King Edward, casts his eye longingly over Mercia, and finds a willing accomplice where none should exist. This time, the threat to Lady Ælfwynn is not as easy to defeat.

This is the continuing story of Lady Ælfwynn, the granddaughter of King Alfred, begun in The Lady of Mercia's Daughter.

"M.J. Porter has delivered a genuinely un-put-downable story about a real heroine whose fate you will not guess, and I will not tell. This brilliant fictional -or maybe true - account of events in England's dark ages gripped me for hours. It is essential reading for lovers of epic tales about warrior princesses." Amazon Reviewer

"An excellent book, intrigue, action, betrayal, it has it all. It took me three days to read this book, I had difficulty putting it down." Amazon Reviewer

"I loved the historical background and the way the author describes scenes. A very engaging story I found difficult to put down." Amazon Reviewer


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