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This is the tenth century in Early England between the reigns of Alfred the Great and Æthelred the Unready.

As England’s first Viking Age grinds to a halt in a war of attrition that will see Jorvik finally added to the kingdom of the English, one woman will witness it all.

Seventeen-year-old Eadgifu knows little about her new husband; he’s old, he only wants to marry her because she’s so wealthy, he already has ten children, and he’s Edward, King of Wessex. He also hopes to claim Mercia as his own.

That he’s the son of King Alfred, the man credited with saving Wessex from the Viking Raiders adds no mystique to him at all. Many say he’s handsome, but Eadgifu knows they speak of the man twenty years ago. Her mother won’t even allow her to be alone with him before their wedding.

But an old man will not live forever. The mother of his youngest sons can be more powerful than the wife of the king of Wessex, especially in the newly made kingdom of England where king’s lives are short and bloody, and war with the Viking Raiders is never far away.

Lady, wife, queen, mother, king’s mother, grandmother, ally, enemy, amenable and rebellious.

Lost to the mists of time, this is Queen Eadgifu’s story, Kingmaker.

"M.J. Porter has delivered a genuinely un-put-downable story about a real heroine whose fate you will not guess, and I will not tell. This brilliant fictional -or maybe true - account of events in England's dark ages gripped me for hours. It is essential reading for lovers of epic tales about warrior princesses." Amazon Reviewer

"An excellent book, intrigue, action, betrayal, it has it all. It took me three days to read this book, I had difficulty putting it down." Amazon Reviewer

"I loved the historical background and the way the author describes scenes. A very engaging story I found difficult to put down." Amazon Reviewer


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