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The Tenth Century: The King's Daughters

Four women, all with impeccable pedigrees, and all desiring one thing. A kingdom of their own to rule.

They are the granddaughters of King Alfred of Wessex, but the kingdom they desire is not that of their grandfather’s founding.

These are the unknown stories of King Athelstan’s half-sisters, all wed into the royal families of East and West Frankia during the tenth century.

Eadgifu, the exiled queen of West Frankia, with her son’s kingdom claimed by another man, her husband imprisoned by yet another of his overmighty nobles.
Eadhild, wed to the son of the man who usurped her nephew’s kingdom, but with no heirs to her name.
Eadgyth, married to the legitimate heir of the king of East Frankia.
Ælfgifu, wed into the noble family of the Kingdom of Arles, one that sees West Frankia as an ally, not an enemy.

As tensions reach boiling point between East and West Frankia, between kingdoms and men who should be enemies, not allies, or allies, not enemies, the royal sisters of Wessex are thrust into a political maelstrom, pitted against each other and with only their royal brother, King Athelstan, as a mediator.

"M.J. Porter has delivered a genuinely un-put-downable story about a real heroine whose fate you will not guess, and I will not tell. This brilliant fictional -or maybe true - account of events in England's dark ages gripped me for hours. It is essential reading for lovers of epic tales about warrior princesses." Amazon Reviewer

"An excellent book, intrigue, action, betrayal, it has it all. It took me three days to read this book, I had difficulty putting it down." Amazon Reviewer

"I loved the historical background and the way the author describes scenes. A very engaging story I found difficult to put down." Amazon Reviewer


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