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A part of the Tales of Mercia series of related titles charting the Saxon kingdom of Mercia's rise and fall by bestselling author MJ Porter

Betrayal is a family affair.

12th JUNE AD918

Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of Alfred the Great, is dead.

Ælfwynn, the niece of Edward, king of Wessex, has been bequeathed her mother’s power and status by the men of the Mercian witan. But she knows Mercia is vulnerable to the north, exposed to the retreating world of the Viking raiders from her mother’s generation.

With her cousin Athelstan, Ealdorman Æthelfrith and his sons, Archbishop Plegmund and her band of trusted warriors, Ælfwynn must act decisively to subvert the threat from the Norse. Led by Rognavaldr, the grandson of the infamous Viking, Ivarr of Dublin, they've turned their gaze toward the desolate lands of Northern England and the jewel of York.

Inexplicably she's also exposed to the south, where her detested cousin, Ælfweard, and uncle, King Edward, eye her position covetously, their ambitions clear to see.

This is the unknown story of Ælfwynn, the daughter of the Lady of the Mercians and the startling events of late 918 when family loyalty and betrayal marched hand in hand across lands only recently reclaimed by the Mercians. Kingdoms could be won or lost through treachery and fidelity, and there was little love and even less honesty. And the words of a sword were heard far more loudly than those of a king or churchman, noble lady’s daughter or Viking raider.

"M.J. Porter has delivered a genuinely un-put-downable story about a real heroine whose fate you will not guess, and I will not tell. This brilliant fictional -or maybe true - account of events in England's dark ages gripped me for hours. It is essential reading for lovers of epic tales about warrior princesses." Amazon Reviewer

"An excellent book, intrigue, action, betrayal, it has it all. It took me three days to read this book, I had difficulty putting it down." Amazon Reviewer

"I loved the historical background and the way the author describes scenes. A very engaging story I found difficult to put down." Amazon Reviewer


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